Mkv movie file no sound mac

Overview MKV is a container format which can combine different video and audio codec in one MKV file, so when talking about playing MKV files, in most cases we are talking about playing the video or audio codec in MKV file. Playing MKV file no sound on Windows Playing MKV file no sound on Kodi.

What Caused the MKV File No Sound?

Playing MKV file no sound on Vizio. Playing MKV file no sound on Mac. Playing MKV file no sound on Roku.

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The list can be continued and could be very long. All in all the solution can fix all MKV no sound problems. Fix MKV no sound problem on any other device by converting the unsupported MKV to other device supported video format.

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  6. Why my MKV file no sound? With that comes all sorts of problems, and the MKV file no sound is one of the most common one.

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    In this post, we will introduce 5 solutions to fix MKV no sound. MKV is different from video and audio encoding format.

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    5. Now the p and p HD video generally use MKV, since it has the biggest advantage of being able to encapsulate multiple tracks and subtitles at the same time. Other formats like AVI can only encapsulate video and audio. So people are more inclined to use MKV as package format. The sound on MKV file can break from several reasons.

      How to fix MKV files with no sound

      But many factors would cause the MKV file no sound. We should acts appropriately to the situation and not ignore others. Possible reasons:. In this part, we will go through 5 solutions to fix MKV file no sound issue. Before you carry out any rescue, please make sure your downloaded MKV file is undamaged.

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      If your MKV file was corrupted, you can download it again. The MKV file no sound may caused by computer itself.

      here You need to check the sound card, drive, hardware, etc. If not, check the circuit, speaker power supply and data cable, etc. Computer, media player or MKV video no sound may be caused by infected virus or spyware.

      It is recommended to disinfect the computer firstly and repair the system files:. As we said before, MKV is a package format.