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That would make sense. Go into the options and uncheck Enable Media Sharing and see if it goes away. Thanks Marujan, I thought it must be something like that, so strange that the tech support person didn't know that information.

The mac address actually ends in ?? That seems like a created mac, the odds are just too fantastic to be that is what your mac actually is. Normally on a wifi router The wifi mac would be 1 off of the lan mac.. And the wan mac would be 1 off of one of those - So you get like :1 :2 :3 for your last number.. Why would your wifi have a different IP?

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I do not think so to be honest.. Did you setup some sort of captive portal or guest network on this device for your wifi users? More like a administrative assigned mac.. Plus with all my previous cable modems I have never seen this before, or never noticed it before, and when I did a search I couldn't find any documentation that would explain it - however other people with Arris modems have reported the same thing so maybe it's by design. The only other possible thing it could be is there is another Arris modem which is separate and is used for the telephone landline it shares the same line in see image , but i wouldn't think I should be able to see that on the network, but maybe I'm wrong.

Lets be clear here the DGA, is not a "modem" its a gateway Your saying you have 2 of them? Your computer would not be seeing the mac address from a device connected to the cable side via a splitter. And it sure wouldn't be on your network.. Sorry but I don't buy the xx:xx:xx mac address..

That is not a mac you would see on a actual physical device That is created mac For example.

How to Set Up and Optimize Your Wireless Router for the Best Wi-Fi Performance

I specifically set that mac to be that when I created the vm.. So is there any ports listening on that. Can you hit it via we browser? Do a nmap scan to it.. And even if was a different interface on the gateway your pc is connected too - it wouldn't show you those macs. That is a device on your network.. And the mac is just registered to arris - not sure why your hiding the first part of the mac all that shows you is who the maker of the device is. There is zero reason to hid those.. Its like hiding your rfc address space That is my arris SB modem mac which is on the wan side of my router My PC would never see that..

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Steps for Mac filtering — Set a list of allowed devices. Set a list of denied devices. If the MAC address is on both allowed and denied list then it will be denied the service. For enabling a list of allowed, denied or both devices follow these steps given below.

How Do I Connect My Wi-Fi Router?

Use the current filter configuration details on the filter tab and use an allow list by selecting enable allow list and use a denied list by selecting enable deny list. Click OK and save changes. What to Do — Go to your router settings. If you do not want MAC Filtering on for your network turn it off or disable it.

S Drawbacks — It is time consuming and tedious especially if you have a lot of Wi-Fi enabled devices as you will need to get the MAC address for every device.

Finding the MAC and IP Address of a Device

The list of allowed devices should be modified whenever we want to purchase a new computer or mobile devices or whenever we want to grant permission to a new device. Other solutions to the problem — A better solution to control outsiders who want to connect to your network is to use a guest Wi-Fi network.

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It will allow them to let others connect to your network, but not let them see anything on your home network. You can purchase a cheap router and attach to your network with a separate password and separate IP address range to do this. WPA2 encryption is sufficient as it is very difficult to crack. But they key is to have a strong and long password. Check out this Author's contributed articles. Share Tweet. Popular Comments Tags. February 15, Carissa Blegen says: The mydlink Lite and Baby app only allow you to view 1 camera at a time howeve Carissa Blegen says: Hi Arnold, You can add as many cameras as you want to one account and be able Arnold says: We are expecting twins.

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