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TS Forecast were integrated. New keys: XMLExporter was moved into tools. Updated Nederlands translations thx BrammieG. Updated English translations thx edswifa. Updated Romanian translations thx DragosE. New startup possibility for each module in the options: MatchesOverview was not integrated. Updated German translations thx Werder Transferscout moved as submodule into Transfers. Plugin Module Updates: Updated Persian translations thx bagher. Can only be made visible t hrough changing the startup option and HO-restart. Added and updated some icons and colors. Updated Spanish translations thx LarsVegas.

Flags was not integrated. SeriesSta ts. Playercompare moved as submodule into Playeranalysis.

Change Lognose | Software Bug | Tab (Gui)

ExperienceViewer moved as submodule into Playeranalysis. Added Japanese as new HO language thx nomad Functions are integrated in matche s tab. Added Loyalty and Mother Club Bonus.. Update Nederlands translations thx BrammieG. Added new parameter to ratings. Added better error message when database is unable to create its file. Update Finnish translations thx paragon Added better error message when file save on download fails.

Fixed sort issue on player tables. Removed double proxy dialog on download of non chpp files.. Update Lithuanian translations thx Kacerga. Rating prediction is updated. Update Georgian translations thx serjhanti. Added rest of HOMainFrame non language string to language files.

Added Hatstats and Loddar stats to Matches view. Update Bulgarian translations thx stiflar. Update Italiano translations thx silkevicious. Update Chinese translations thx tianbing. Update Hebrew translations thx Mod-Transy. Fixed wrong set piece taker on corners. Reworked Download to abort on failure. Can now delete 'corrupted' matches. See example. Added missing match events. Added Indonesian as new HO language thx Zolfaghar. Fixed player regainer string not showing. Update Catalan translations thx carlesmu.

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Update German translations thx Werder Minor fixes and tweaks that is probably not mentioned. Column preferences are cleared in lineup and squad view due to column changes. Cancel only once!

Added two more new parameter to CA ratings calculations only. Sanity checks added for downloads of matches. Update Czech translations thx fisero. Update French translations thx fierz Download of beta and update via HO now works. Update Hrvatski Croatian translations thx -Iuve-. Update Galego translations thx GZ-grobas. Download modifications. Thanks fusselhirn! Update Magyar translations thx salt You can actually cancel! Added in most places we could think of.

HRF saving is now optional. Fixed localization issue messing up ratings for some locales. Theme Manager is added.

Fußball-Managerspiel Hattrick offline mit dem Mac spielen

Removed unused strings thx Seb04 for hunting: Fixed a small error in the Lineup gui with temporary players. Added set piece filter. The set piece taker is no longer automatically first on the penalty shooter li st. Added first version thanks Werder Changelist HO! Some minor fixes Changelist HO! Special Events v 1. Training Experience v 1.

Update Catalan translations thx CAT-fike. Publishing a proper release based on 1. Prediction Offset should work again.

Authentication is now done through oAuth. It is no longer possible to set the keeper at set piece taker.

Soccer tips with high odds

Fixed icon issue with Nimbus skin. Downloaded matches with individual orders should now display better. Match download is updated to work even better.

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Team Analyzer v 2.