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After a few minutes, DiskMaker X will notify you that your boot disk is ready and give you some instructions on how to use it.

How to rename USB flash drive in mac

Immediately press and hold the Option Alt key on your keyboard when it starts booting. You should now see an option to select your USB drive as a startup disk. Some wireless keyboards may not work at this point.

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Be sure to prepare your Mac for an update first. If you need to troubleshoot your Mac without a network connection, this USB drive could be a lifesaver. You can with these tools. Read More?

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We show you how:. Your email address will not be published. I am now able to boot to a screen with two icons like the one shown in this article. I named my volume "Abyss". The Continue button turns gray -- forever. What could be wrong? Can that be upgraded?

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Cant boot my iMac, only in recovery mode Creating USB bootable right now, fingers crossed! I have the same problem which is why i search and get to here. Adam Lassek Adam Lassek 4 4 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. Please remove images and other stuff from the question to keep it simple. The answer should contain the details, and current answers already contains enough good details.