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Panther came with my eMac G4 in , and compared to it running Tiger, Panther was slow and clunky.

Progression of macOS

The versatility of Tiger can be seen in the fact that it can run on a MHz G3 all the way up to a 2. Unlike OS X There are two landmark versions of OS X, ones that have been hard to pull developers and end users away from. The other is OS X Tiger holds a special place for me. Computing progress forces people to move on, and Leopard is a great OS, but it raised the bar immensely in terms of hardware requirements, and then Snow Leopard dropped the whole PowerPC architecture, leaving Tiger even further behind.

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Apple will have to try hard to match the excellence of Tiger in future operating systems. Snow Leopard is a worthy runner up, but it falls short of the vast hardware range supported by Tiger.

Using DP with OS X Panther

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I keep a few but not many. One I missed this week was October 25, Mac got its start on Panther Server running on a gooseneck iMac G4 back in early Mac was a home brew project to test out the viability of publishing a website about Apple and the Mac and iPod; no iPhone or iPad or Watch back in those days that actually ran on a Mac. If you select a.

PowerMac G3: Installing Mac OS X Panther

Repeat the process for. Alternatively, you can hold down the control key and when you click on a.

Mac To Linux

Figure 1. PythonLauncher Preferences. OK, now comes the acid test. Find the icon labeled minimal.

In a few moments after an operating system console window has appeared , a small window like the one shown in Figure 2 will appear. This indicates that your installation was successful and everything is working. Close the minimal application in the usual way and proceed with the Walk-Through. Figure 2.

Mac OS X Panther

PythonCard minimal application window open to confirm installation is correct. If for some reason this test fails, go back over these instructions carefully. In particular, make sure that wxPython and PythonCard both appear in the site-packages folder in Python's Lib folder.